24-Hour Automotive Locksmith Services

Nothing ruins a day quicker than not being able to gain access to your vehicle. Whether you lost your keys, locked them in your car, or need transponder key replacement and programming, our team of expert locksmiths can help with prompt, skilled automotive locksmith services.

Quick, Local Vehicle Lockout Help

Most people lock themselves out of their vehicle at some point or another, and anyone who has can tell you it’s a big hassle! Whether you lose your keys, lock them inside the car, or even manage to break your car key, getting locked out of your car can throw off the whole day. More than that, if you get locked out late at night, that’s a hassle and a safety hazard! 

If one of these issues has happened to you, get quick, professional help getting back into your vehicle with Redlands Lock & Key. Our emergency locksmith team is local to the area, so we can provide lockout help swiftly, whenever the need arises. In addition, we know that a lot of lockouts happen after business hours, which is why our emergency locksmith services are available around the clock, weekends included. And, since we are the local lock and key pros, we can get you into your vehicle again without damaging the locks or doors. 


Car Key Repair & Replacement

When it comes to your vehicles, we can offer more than just lockout help. One of our most popular services is car key repair services that come to you, wherever you are in Redlands or around the Inland Empire. After years of use, it’s more common than you might expect for a car key to just snap off in the lock when you’re going to open your car door. When this happens, we can extract the broken key from the lock (or ignition) and create a new duplicate key so you can get back on your way quickly. In so many instances, lockout situations are caused by a lost or damaged key, so we bring that help to you and take care of both the lockout and key duplication at the same time. 

But as technology improves, so do our vehicle locksmith services. We provide key duplication and repair services for a whole range of different car keys, including transponder car keys (the kind with an electronic fob at the end). Skip the line and the expense of your local car dealership, and swing by our store in Redlands, or call our mobile locksmith team instead for car key repair and replacement services that come to you! 



Are you looking for a quick way to boost the security of your vehicle? Just like with house or business locks, car door locks can also be rekeyed — and is a great way to boost security, especially if you purchased a used vehicle. Rekeying simply tweaks the internal structure of the lock so that existing keys will no longer work with the locks. If your car was recently broken into or it’s had previous owners, rekeying makes it so the locks require new keys, which is a good way to ensure that old copies of the car’s keys no longer provide access. Car lock rekeying can also be a good option if you’ve lost your keys; we’ll need to make new keys anyway, so rekeying helps ensure that your lost keys can’t be used to help someone break in. 

Your car is in the best hands

We understand have already been thrown into a stressful situation, so it is our goal to resolve your problem as quickly as possible while paying attention to all the details. Our automotive locksmiths use advanced techniques to gain access to your car, so you will never have to worry about us causing damage to your vehicle.

Your car is in the best hands possible when you choose our auto locksmiths at Redlands Lock & Key. You and your car are our first priority, and we will come to you as quickly as possible to provide you with the relief that you need.

For all automotive locksmith needs, visit or call our store today!

Our automotive services include:
  • Lost key recovery
  • Transponder key programming
  • Creating duplicates
  • Auto lock repairs
  • Re-keying
  • Lockouts
  • Remote control programming