Let Us Decide If Your Locks Need Re-Keying

In most cases, locks don’t have to be completely replaced in order to ensure the optimal security of a home or business. Often, re-keying locks will suffice. Avoid the hassle and expense of  knob, deadbolt, and lock replacement by finding out if a simple re-keying service will work.

A professional re-keying service entails a trained locksmith replacing the existing pins and springs in your lock cylinder with new ones that work with a new set of keys. This quick and affordable solution makes it a sensible way to secure entryways to your home and/or business. If you’ve recently bought a home, removed tenants, fired an employee who had access to keys, or simply need updated locks and keys, our expert re-keying services may be your most affordable and efficient option.


The Benefits to Rkeying

Rekeying may sound like a simple maneuver — and it is! — but it’s one of the simplest ways to protect your home. The reason is this: it’s essentially impossible to track when a key is copied. If you’ve ever had a nanny or housekeeper who had a house key, there is no way to know whether they made copies of the key while they were in your employ. If they no longer work for you, it’s possible that they returned the original key but still have a duplicate, which means easy access to your home. And, of course, if they have a copy of your house key, there’s no way to tell that your home was broken into until belongings go missing. 

While that may sound like an outlandish example, things like that happen more often than you might expect! Fortunately, rekeying is a quick and inexpensive way to boost your home’s security for situations like these — and a myriad of other times you might want to get the benefits of new locks without the hassle of a full lock replacement. Rekeying keeps the hardware the same and simply changes out the pins, making it so that none of the old keys will work anymore. It’s a great option to give a security boost for your home or business in circumstances like: 

  • Moving into a new home
  • Getting a new nanny, housekeeper, etc. 
  • Protecting your property after a break-in 
  • An employee leaving your company
  • Changes in tenants
  • Ending a relationship (though, be careful about rekeying during divorce proceedings unless permitted by the courts)
  • And more… 

Generally speaking, rekeying is a great way to protect your home or business in any scenario that you feel could use some additional protective precautions. The good news is that rekeying is faster, easier, and less expensive than lock replacements because your local locksmith isn’t changing out the lock hardware, they’re just adjusting the internal lock mechanism. 


Rekeying New Properties

If you’re getting ready to close on and move into a newly built property, you may want to have your locks rekeyed, even if no one else has lived in that space. In so many instances, the builders or contractors responsible for all the different steps of your new home’s creation may actually contract out certain elements to subcontractors. In order to give those subcontractors access to the property, they will make copies of the house keys and pass them along. A well-organized contractor will keep track of every key and get all the copies back — but this isn’t generally how the process goes. More often than not, those excess keys stay in the hands of the subcontractors. Along those lines, there’s also no good way to know if a subcontractor made copies of the keys on the side. In order to make sure your new property is well protected, a quick rekeying before you move in will negate that particular concern for security breaches. 

Plus, while your local locksmith is there handling they rekeying, they can verify that all the locks were installed properly — another area in which contractors often skimp, creating a security hazard you may not know about. 


Experienced, Local Assistance

If you’re looking for a quick way to boost the security for your home or business in Redlands or around the Inland Empire, start by connecting with your local locksmith team at Redlands Lock & Key. Schedule rekeying with us today — and if you’ve recently had a break-in or lost your keys, we consider rekeying an invaluable way to boost security, so connect with our emergency locksmith team for after-hours rekeying and more!

Our locksmiths at Redlands Lock & Key firmly believe that you should never have to worry about your safety―especially in your own home or business. Find out about all the different locksmith services we offer through both our mobile business and our Citrus Avenue location in Redlands.