Serving Inland Empire Businesses With Security Systems

commercial locksmith serving the Inland EmpireWhether you are looking to update your current security system or need a new master key system, you can trust that you will only receive the finest commercial locksmith services at Redlands Lock & Key. You and all of your employees should feel secure no matter what time of day it is. With a commercial security system from Redlands Lock & Key, you will never have to second-guess the security systems that your business relies on. We provide comprehensive lock and key security systems, from electronic locks to key-less access, in order to provide you with the peace of mind that only comes from knowing you, your employees, and your assets are safe and secure, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Better Protection Made for Your Business

No two businesses are exactly alike. Your security measures should depend on things like your physical and digital assets, the structure of your space, and who should and should not have access to various parts of your business. Basically, you shouldn’t be stuck with a cookie-cutter security setup. 

Here at Redlands Lock & Key, we believe in business locksmith services that make your physical security work for your needs. We put our years of training and experience to work in creating the right set of lock and key options that make it easier to protect your business without keeping your customers away. Those options can include things like a master key system, keyless locks, and even simple tasks like rekeying or repairing older locks. Ultimately, our goal is to help provide the right security measures to protect your business, based on your needs, not a pre-set arrangement. 


Business Lockouts

Whether a key-holder employee lost their keys or a lock broke, dealing with business lockouts can be a pain. More importantly, lockout situations are often a security hazard for your business. We provide quick, experienced commercial locksmith help so that those situations don’t have to be a hassle — or cause a lengthy gap in your business’s security. Any time you’re dealing with issues locking up or getting your business unlocked in Redlands or around the Inland Empire, our emergency locksmith team can come provide on-the-spot help to ensure your business stays secure. Whether you need lock repairs or rekeying and key cutting, our mobile locksmith team has the tools to help. 


Bolstering Security

In addition to lockout help, the other big focus we provide through our local locksmith services is a keen eye for security improvements. We offer a range of locksmith services intended to provide your business or commercial property with stronger security measures. That can be as simple as rekeying locks or replacing them with a newer, more secure option, but we can also help with larger-scale security upgrades like installing an access control system with electronic, keyless entry locks. 

Our end goal is to provide every client with custom security solutions that make it easier to secure your business without inhibiting your daily operations. After all, you don’t want a space as secure as Fort Knox if it means your customers can’t come in and actually conduct business! Our business locksmith team has years of experience and the right tools to help you find that balance for your security. Every element of your business’s security, from panic bars and electronic locks to even the filing cabinets and safes, can have a big impact on both your security and your daily operations. We understand this, which is why our business locksmith services are customized based on each client’s needs. Want to learn more? Start by scheduling a consultation so our Redlands locksmith team can review your current security measures and discuss your concerns before building out a comprehensive plan for updates and upgrades. 


Comprehensive Business Security Help

No matter what your business is, security is paramount for protecting your space, your employees, and your assets. Don’t get stuck with a one-size-fits-all security plan that may or may not work and creates a lot of hassle for your everyday operational needs. Connect with our local locksmith team for business security help for lock repair, rekeying, key cutting, new lock installation, and a whole host of other locksmith services designed to keep your business as secure as possible. From individualized access control systems to safe servicing, Redlands Lock & Key is here to help protect your business. Connect with us today for help in Redlands and across the Inland Empire!


Who is Redlands Lock & Key?

Each and every one of our commercial locksmiths is highly-trained and qualified. They have gone through a stringent hiring process with background checks and screening in order to ensure optimal safety for our clients and protect our stellar reputation. We never use outside contractors; we choose to only trust our own employees and family members here at Redlands Lock & Key.

Contact us today for commercial locksmith services! They include:

● Master key systems
● Commercial door hardware installation and replacement
● Key-less access installation and repair
● Panic bar service and installation
● Re-keying of existing locks
● Safes, file cabinets and padlocks

For prompt, friendly lock and key services, please call our customer care team today at 909-792-7072 or visit our location at 1381 Citrus Ave. in Redlands.