Our Residential Locksmiths Increase Your Home’s Security

dreamstime_xxl_13558555Your home is your safe haven. Whether you have an apartment in San Bernardino, a condo in Loma Linda, or a house in Redlands, your home should always be a place of comfort and security. A professional locksmith can help ensure that your home has the safety you expect and deserve. From lock installation to re-keying services, we are the locals’ top choice for prompt and professional residential locksmith services.

At Redlands Lock & Key, it is our goal to assist you with all kinds of residential locksmith services in Redlands and the surrounding areas. Locked yourself out of your house? Had a recent break-in? Just moved in and need a new set of locks and keys? Our team of residential locksmiths can help. We have provided a number of residential locksmith services to homeowners in the Redlands area for decades and are always equipped with state-of-the-art tools and techniques that get the job done.

Comprehensive & Reliable Locksmith Services

Below are a list of locksmith services we offer for all residential properties located in Redlands & surrounding areas:

● Re-keying
● Lockouts
● Lock and Deadbolt installation
● Lock and key Replacement
● Mailbox lock replacements
● Adjusting and drilling doors for new locks
● Servicing safes

Better Protection, Individually Designed

Your lifestyle isn’t the same as your neighbor’s, and when it comes to protecting your home, that’s an important distinction to make. On one hand, you want your home to be just as secure as everyone around you so your home won’t be the shining target for burglary in your neighborhood. But those different lifestyles mean you may have different protection and access needs. Here at Redlands Lock & Key, we strongly believe that your home security options don’t need to be cookie-cutter packages from a big box store. When you work with our Redlands locksmith team, we come to your home to check your existing locks, discuss your concerns, and offer options to shore up your home’s security measures based on your needs and lifestyle. 

Whether it’s as simple as rekeying your locks, or something more complex, like replacing all the locks around your home, our Redlands locksmith team aims to provide personalized service for every job. We’re happy to help with rekeying, key cutting, and lock repair whenever you need the help, but more than that, our locksmith services are geared toward providing a comprehensive protection plan for your home. 

The Importance of Good Locks

A basic deadbolt lock sounds pretty simple, but did you know that it’s one of the most effective measures for home security? It is — but only when installed properly. And when it comes to proper lock installation, the devil is in the details. For example, the strike plate (which is that flat metal piece screwed into your door frame), should be attached with screws that are at least a couple of inches long. That metal piece makes it much harder to force a deadbolted door open, and longer screws make sure the wood isn’t going to splinter and give way under pressure. The throw (the actual bolt part of a deadbolt lock) should also extend fully into the door frame. If there’s a gap between door and door frame, or if the lock was installed too far in from the edge, your deadbolt may not be effective enough simply because the throw can’t do its job. 

It’s important to make sure all your locks are properly installed. And, while they may look like they’re functioning just fine, many home builders take shortcuts like using shorter screws when installing locks. Call your local Redlands locksmith team for help checking your locks and providing an overall security assessment so we can boost your home’s security!

For a prompt, friendly locksmith service, call our customer care team today at 909-792-7072 or visit our location at 1381 Citrus Ave in Redlands, CA.