1. What to Look For in a Reputable Locksmith

    Do you know a neighbor with some wild-sounding story about getting ripped off by a locksmith? It’s sad to say that those instances are more common than you might expect — but they weren’t ripped off by a locksmith, they were caught up in a scam.  Locksmithing is one of the most frequently scammed industries out there, especially in states that do not require a license to operate as a locksm…Read More

  2. Keyless Entry Locks Aren’t Just For Hotels!

    If you’ve ever stayed at a hotel, you’ve undoubtedly seen a keyless entry lock. How handy is it to just insert or swipe a little plastic card to gain access to your room? Even better, for all that convenience, you still get some pretty great security for anything kept in your borrowed space.  Keyless entry locks like those aren’t just for hotels and other businesses anymore! You can easily …Read More

  3. Car Services You Might Not Expect From a Locksmith

    We often say that if something has a lock and key, the best source of help is going to be your local locksmith. After all, who better to get you taken care of than the professionals who know the ins and outs of a huge variety of locks and types of keys? What most people don’t realize, however, is that our lock and key expertise extends beyond the doors on your home or business. Not only can we h…Read More

  4. How Can A Locksmith Help My Car?

    When you lock your keys in the car, it’s pretty obvious what you need to do. Calling your local locksmith means expedient, experienced service so you can get back in your vehicle and carry on with your day. But an automotive locksmith can do a whole lot more than just provide emergency unlocking services. Here are some of the other ways we can help keep your car safe and secure:    Car Key Rep…Read More

  5. How Locksmiths Help You Boost Home Security

    In this day and age, home security is a major concern -- especially for anyone living near a major city, like we do here in Redlands. But the most high-tech security system is only as good as the hardware that secures each door and window. Before you start worrying about upgrading to a fancier home-security system or installing cameras throughout your home, take it back to the basics. When was the…Read More

  6. Looking For a Trustworthy Locksmith? Check For These Signs

    It’s a sad fact, but the locksmith industry is one of the most-frequently scammed industries out there. This is awful because a well-trained locksmith provides some of the best options to help keep your home secure and your family safe. We know you’re giving us access to your home and/or vehicle, often at times that you’re particularly vulnerable. If you’re looking for a local locksmith, h…Read More

  7. What You Should Do When Moving Into a New Home

    Moving into a new home is an exciting time. It's also one of the most hectic. Well, not that we want to add to your undoubtedly long list, but we’re going to anyway. Whether you’re moving into a rental or buying a home, these are a few steps you should take as soon as possible to ensure your new home is as safe as possible.  Schedule Lock Rekeying Unfortunately, there’s no good way to know …Read More

  8. Where to Put Cameras to Keep Your Home Safe

    For any homeowner, safety is a highly important factor that should be taken seriously. One of the main purposes of a home is to act as a safe haven, and when you constantly have the notion in the back of your head that your home is, in fact, not secure, it can be deeply disconcerting and stressful. That is one reason why many people call on Redlands Lock and Key — we often service residential lo…Read More

  9. Why Your Car Key Isn’t Working

    As the leading Locksmith in the Redlands area for car key and transponder key issues, we get quite a lot of calls from people who have accidentally left their keys in their cars, or otherwise lost them. There is nothing to be ashamed of in this situation, and truth be told, it happens all the time! But there’s another situation where you might find yourself calling your nearby locksmith — beca…Read More

  10. How do Master Keys Work?

    For many people we run into, lockpicking and key systems is a fascinating subject of which people have relatively little knowledge. We can’t blame them — most people have better things to do than sit around learning key trivia. However, with that being said, the more you know about keys and their locks, the more likely you’ll avoid incidents where you find yourself requiring the assistance o…Read More