We often say that if something has a lock and key, the best source of help is going to be your local locksmith. After all, who better to get you taken care of than the professionals who know the ins and outs of a huge variety of locks and types of keys? What most people don’t realize, however, is that our lock and key expertise extends beyond the doors on your home or business. Not only can we help with a range of security measures, but we are also trained to handle a lot of the issues that crop up with your vehicle’s locks and keys. 

If you’re having issues with your vehicle, whether that’s a broken car key or a loose door lock, there are a few ways that your local locksmith can help. Our auto locksmith services include: 


Vehicle Lockouts

Let’s start with a softball: you probably already know that your local locksmith can help when you are locked out of your vehicle. No matter what type of vehicle you drive, calling your local locksmith is the best way to get your vehicle safely unlocked. The big reason is that we have the tools to pop a lock without causing damage to the glass, paint, or the door lock itself. If you try to unlock your vehicle yourself, you risk causing damage that is even more costly to repair. And, since many locksmiths offer 24-hour emergency locksmith services, you don’t need to wait for traditional business hours to call for help. 


Car Key Repair

Calling up your local dealership for any kind of work is a serious hassle. Have you been without a spare car key for years, just because you don’t want to deal with the dealership to get a duplicate? There’s a way to get the keys you need without wasting hours of your valuable time: your local automotive locksmith. Not only can we duplicate car keys, but we will also come to you! Most locksmiths have the tools and training necessary to duplicate or replace any car key, including laser-cut and sidewinder keys — plus, we do it in a fraction of the time, and for less expense than the typical dealership experience. 


Transponder Key Repair and Replacement

We list this separately because, while transponder keys are still keys, the category of electronic car keys and fobs is a bit more complex. However, they still fall into the subset of “things that are keys, and therefore, can be fixed by a locksmith.” Most auto locksmiths have the tools to repair transponder keys, or to duplicate and program a new one. The same goes for electronic key fobs, with or without a physical key attached. 


Lock and Ignition Rekeying

Do you have a car door lock that always gets stuck and feels impossible to turn? Or maybe one that is loose and wobbly in the door? Whatever the case, call your local auto locksmith. We can rekey that malfunctioning lock to make sure that your car is as secure as possible. We can also rekey your car door locks and the ignition, as a way to improve security any time you buy a new-to-you vehicle. 

As we mentioned earlier, if something is wrong with your vehicle’s lock or key, you don’t need to waste hours at the local dealership. Instead, call an automotive locksmith and get any car lock or key issue handled quickly, and at your convenience! Whether you need car key repair or transponder programming, car lock rekeying or help unlocking your vehicle, your local auto locksmiths can help. Are you looking for a local, trustworthy locksmith, Redlands residents? Connect with Redlands Lock & Key today for automotive locksmith help and more!