How Much do You Know About Locksmiths?


Here at Redlands Lock & Key, we have a lot of experience with locksmith related services. We’ve built our business on helping people get into locked vehicles and homes and have become well versed in the various practices and services that make up the modern locksmith. Because of this, we started to wonder how much our readers actually know about locksmiths. Most people only think about a locksmith when they deal with one, however, locksmiths have a  long history of helping people. In today’s post, we are going to go over the history of the locksmith and how the profession has grown over the years. Continue reading below to learn more.


Locksmiths Have Been Around for Ages


Although most people think locksmiths are only good for “breaking into” locked vehicles or homes, that is not actually how the original profession started. Locksmithing started as a profession, some would say art, of designing and producing locks to secure buildings, objects, storage facilities, and any other area that someone may want to keep secure. The historical beginning of the locksmith can be traced all the way to ancient Egypt and Babylon, some 4000 years ago. During these times, locksmiths created wooden locking devices that made use of tin tumblers to prevent the free movement of a door. These early locking devices made use of large wooden keys that were inserted into a lock and moved upward, moving the internal pins and unlocking the door that the lock was attached to.


Industrialization had Major Effects on Locksmiths


During the 18th century, advancements were made in the locksmithing field due largely to advancements in metallurgy and production techniques. It was during this time that locksmiths were able to create locking devices made entirely from metal, resulting in locks that were not only more durable but more secure as well. This boom in the world of locksmithing resulted in a wide range of successful designs and an increase in industrial mass production of locks the world over. While this was a net gain for the majority of society, the mass production of locking devices actually resulted in the decimation of the locksmithing industry. Because locks could be mass produced and sold at cheaper prices, locksmiths were used less and less to make locks and pivoted their services to focus more on unlocking locks. This trend has continued all the way to today and locksmiths are considered experts at breaking into locks.
We hope that this blog has helped to shed some light on the history of locksmiths and that all of our readers found it both interesting and informative. If you would like to learn more about what a locksmith can do, or you would like to solicit the services of one of our locksmiths, please contact us today or visit our website. At Redlands Lock & Key, we have been specializing in locksmith services for years and we are confident that our employees can handle any situation that you may have. Whether you need us to unlock your vehicle, home, or storage facility, we have the knowledge tools and experience to get the job done right.