When you lock your keys in the car, it’s pretty obvious what you need to do. Calling your local locksmith means expedient, experienced service so you can get back in your vehicle and carry on with your day. But an automotive locksmith can do a whole lot more than just provide emergency unlocking services. Here are some of the other ways we can help keep your car safe and secure: 


Car Key Repair and Replacement

When your electronic car key dies, what do you do? For most folks, that means a trip to their local dealership, hours of waiting around, and a hefty bill for what should be a quick fix. Well, the good news is there’s a better alternative! Your local auto locksmith can repair or replace car keys with ease — even the laser-cut and transponder keys! Better still, with our mobile locksmith services, we can come to you to do the work. Whether it’s a locksmith emergency or not, your local mobile locksmith can provide on-site car key repair whenever you need us. 

Plus, we offer car key remote programming, so you can be sure that your new car key will work with your vehicle — and only your vehicle. 



Did you know that your car locks can be rekeyed, just like your home or business? This is helpful for a couple of reasons. First, if you purchase a used vehicle, it’s a good way to ensure that none of the past owners can use a copied key to access your car. Since there’s no good way to track duplicated keys, this is a better way to boost security for your vehicle. Second, re-keying car locks is a great way to ensure that older locks, especially ones that are loose or don’t work well, are repaired and function as they ought to. Since rekeying works for your car locks and ignition, this is a good way to fix that finicky ignition too!


Car Key Duplication

Having only one car key is a problem, especially when you’re locked out of your vehicle. But sometimes, especially if you’re purchasing a used vehicle, you don’t get the option of additional keys. Well, not to worry! Just call your local mobile locksmith and we can duplicate car keys just as easily as we can copy keys for your home or business. Give us a call if you need a spare car key made, even if it’s an electronic key fob or a transponder key!


Of course, your local car locksmiths can also help in a lockout situation. Rather than calling for roadside assistance from someone who may not have any experience popping car locks, just call your nearby emergency locksmith. We’ll come you your location with the tools and experience to unlock your car and get you on the go again quickly. 

No matter what kind of car locksmith help you need, if you’re in the Redlands area, you can trust in the experience and professionalism of Redlands Lock & Key. Connect with us today to schedule service, or give us a call any time if you need emergency locksmith help!