Transponder Keys Can Help Keep You Warm This Winter


Picture this: you wake up from a restful night of sleep in your warm bed only to find that the fates have decided to dump ten inches of snow from the sky overnight. Now, as a responsible person, you realize that you need to go outside and start your car to begin the defrosting process. However, this also means that you will need to brave the winter winds to get to your vehicle. The last thing any of us want to do in the morning is subject ourselves to the freezing cold in order to start our cars. Luckily, through the use of modern technology, we no longer have to brave the harsh elements to warm up our cars in the morning. Here at Redlands Lock & Key, we have spent multiple blogs talking about the benefits of modern transponder keys, and today we are going to talk about one of our favorite features that these keys can offer: the remote start.


Remote Start Has Some Key Benefits


If you haven’t read our previous posts, we here at Redlands Lock & Key are experts on transponder keys. While these keys are significantly more expensive than the car keys of yesteryear, the benefits that they afford the consumer far outweigh any extra cost associated with them. By using a small microchip embedded in the plastic head of the car key, transponder keys ensure that your key, and only your key, can be used to start your vehicle. While the benefits of this safety feature are obvious, it has also allowed for additional technology to be developed around these keys. While most of us are already familiar with remote locking and unlocking features, more automobile manufacturers are starting to include remote start functions in their transponder keys. Below, we have listed some of the benefits this technology offers.



  • Safety: One of the most often overlooked benefits of remote start technology is safety. All of us have been in a situation where we have parked in any area that is a little bit scary. In this situation, being able to quickly get to your car, start it, and leave is important. With remote start technology, you can have your car started and ready to go when you reach it. This simple use of this technology can greatly eliminate the anxiety associated with personal safety.
  • Convenience: The most prominent benefit relating to remote start and keyless entry is convenience. In our opening example, remote start is highly desirable for people who live in cold climates. When the temperature drops, nearly every car manufacturer suggests that you let your car warm up for around ten minutes before taking it onto the warm-up his warm up period allows all vital fluids in your car to properly heat up, and can help prepare your engine for the cold. Additionally, remote start allows you to defrost your car without having to physically go outside and start it. On those mornings when the temperature is especially frigid, this simple convenience is a blessing.



If you run into any issues with your transponder key this winter, contact us at Redlands Lock & Key. We have the knowledge and tools needed to make sure that your transponder key is working as it should. Contact us today to learn more!