We are Here to Help Highland Residents


For over 60 years, Redlands Lock & Key has been a trusted name in the locksmith industry. Early on, we wanted to make sure that we provided the best services possible to our customers. To achieve this goal we knew that we had to accomplish three things. First, we have to make sure that we always put the customer first, no matter what. Second, we knew that we had to back up our claims of being the best by providing affordable, professional services each and every time. Lastly, we knew that we needed to make sure our customers were satisfied after every interaction and that we met their expectation every single time. While we have excelled in all of the goals that we have set for ourselves, we wanted to take some time in today’s post to go over a service that we are particularly proud of: Transponder key replacement. This service is one of the most important parts of our business and we want Highland area residents to feel as comfortable as possible when choosing us to perform this service. Continue reading below to learn more.

Why Do I Need a Special Key?


For many people, the term “transponder key” is not something that they are particularly familiar with. Sure, everyone knows what a car key is and what it is used for but, since the mid 90s, the car key landscape has changed quite a bit. If you have your car keys handy, we suggest you take them out and give them a look. Do you notice how there is a large plastic area near the head of your key? That plastic piece is not simply in place so that the car manufacturer has a place to put their logo. This area of the key actually contains a small chip that, when placed in the ignition of your vehicle, allows your car to know, without a doubt, that the key is the one that is supposed to be able to start the vehicle. Before transponder chip technology was put in place, anyone could make a copy of a car key that could be used to then start the vehicle. While this was convenient, it also meant that car keys were not as secure as they could be.

Why Can’t I Replace My Key Myself?


Traditionally, if you wanted to replace or duplicate a car key, all you had to do was go down to a local hardware store and have a new key cut. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case. While you can have a new key cut, it won’t work unless you also have a new chip programmed to match up with the receiver in your vehicle’s ignition housing. For this reason, you should choose Redlands Lock & Key for all of your transponder key replacement needs. We are proud to serve the Colton area and we are certain that once you see the level of passion and dedication that we bring to the table, you will never want to work with locksmith other than us ever again.