The Summer Months Can be Tricky


Hello, dear reader, and welcome back to our blog! Here at Redlands Lock & Key, we have a confession to make. While everyone else hates locking their keys in their car…we kind of love it. That isn’t to say that we enjoy watching people have to deal with their trapped keys, however, without the occurrence of people locking their keys in their car, we would lose a significant chunk of business. It can be especially annoying when people lock their transponder key in their car because, quite often, people don’t carry a spare key of this nature with them because they are too expensive and the worry of losing the key is very high.  To assuage our guilty conscious and help our customers at the same time, we are going to take some time today to go over some of the ways that will help you make sure that you do not lock your transponder key in your car. Continue reading below to learn more.


How Many Times Have You Locked Your Keys in the Car?


If you’re anything like the average person, you have probably locked your keys in your car at least once in your life. That pure moment of dread as you realize what you have done slowly spreads throughout your body, ruining any chance that you may have had at having a good day. The summer months can be especially detrimental for people because, let’s face it, people tend to use their cars more in the summer for vacations, day trips, and general exploring. Below, we have listed a few things you can do to make sure that your keys are never left behind again.



  • Pay Attention: While this is often easier said than done, the best way to ensure that you don’t lock your keys inside of your vehicle is to simply be aware of where your keys are at all times. Oftentimes, people will exit their vehicle, place their keys in their seat, rummage through the back of their car to find items that they need, and simply forget that they hadn’t put their keys in their pocket. Any break in your normal routine can be enough to distract you.
  • Invest in a Key Holder: If you find yourself constantly forgetting your keys, we suggest that you invest in something that can attach your keys to your belt or belt loop. WE have found that a simple carabiner can go a long way in ensuring that you don’t lock your keys in your car because, after extended use, you will naturally clip your keys to your pants once you get used to the addition of the carabiner
  • PKW: Another excellent way to make sure that you don’t accidentally lock your keys in you vehicle is to do a quick PKW (Phone, Keys, Wallet) check before you lock your vehicle. By establishing this habit, you will greatly reduce your chances of leaving your keys behind.



We hope that this blog has been informative and that it has given you a couple of ideas on how to make sure that your keys are on you at all times. If you’ve read this post too late and your keys happen to be locked in your vehicle at this very moment, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at Redlands Lock & Key. We provide all major locksmithing services including transponder key replacements, helping you unlock a locked vehicle, and allowing you to regain access to your home when you forget your keys.