Don’t Let A Lost Car Key Bring You Down


We get it, losing a car key is never fun. Rarely do we lose our keys at a convenient moment, however, losing a key does not have to be the end of the world. Here at Redlands Lock & Key, we specialize in replacing lost keys. No matter the make or model, we have the resources in place to make sure that your inconvenience is short lived. In today’s post, we are going to go over exactly what you need to do if you lose your key and how the experts at Redlands Lock & Key can help you get back on the road.


Replacing Your Key Requires Some Information


Before you can get your key replaced, it is important to figure out exactly what type of key you have. While your key almost definitely has a transponder chip, it could come in many different forms. Below, we have listed the most common types of keys currently available.



  • Transponder Key: A transponder key is simply a normal looking key with a transponder chip located in the head (the fat part of the key). Transponder keys are provided with every new vehicle built after 1993 and are used to ensure that only certain keys can start a specific vehicle. While this has greatly increased vehicle security, it has made replacing a vehicle key a little more complicated. The new key must not only be cut, it must also be programmed to “talk” to the vehicle.
  • Electronic Key: While electronic keys are not as widespread as transponder keys, there are still enough of them out there to warrant a mention. Electronic keys are typically reserved for higher-end vehicles and do not contain many of the traditional elements that people associate with a “key”. Electronic keys don’t have a physical, metal key and instead rely solely on transponder technology to start the vehicle they are assigned to.
  • Laser-cut Keys: Laser-cut keys are similar to traditional transponder keys with one noticeable difference. Laser-cut keys have thicker shanks and fewer grooves than traditional transponder keys and require a special machine to mill them. Often times, replacing a laser-cut key is only possible by ordering another key from the dealership.



Once you have determined the type of key you have, it’s time to give your locksmith a call. While some locksmiths will have to re-key your replacement key at their shop, we here at Redlands Lock & Key feel that that process is a little redundant. Instead, we have developed a mobile re-keying service that we bring directly to you in the event of a lost key or accidental lock out. We feel that by bringing our services to you, we are able to deliver faster, more consistent service.
If you’re in need of a re-keying service or you’d just like to have a spare copy of your key, please contact us today at Redlands Lock & Key. We are experts at re-keying and programming lost transponder keys to ensure that your new key starts your vehicle on the first try. Contact us today to learn what makes us the best.