The fall season is upon us, which is when many of us will pay for a good fright. Whether you’re interested in haunted corn mazes, haunted houses, or a good ol’ scary movie, there are plenty of ways to get a scare. However, one thing we can all agree on is that it’s all fun and games until you’re faced with a real scare, such as one involving your home or personal safety. Don’t compromise your security this autumn — read this week’s Redlands Lock and Key blog post about how to keep your home protected and choose us as your locksmith in Redlands today.

Redlands Lock and Key is proud to offer premier locksmith services across Redlands and the surrounding areas, including residential, commercial, and automotive. We even offer emergency services for when you need us most. Our team of experts can help protect you and your home this fall. Read on to learn more about security measures we recommend and give us a call in Redlands today.

Install Additional Lighting

The days are shorter and it’s getting dark out earlier. Because home invaders tend to target homes when it’s dark out, additional lighting is a must to help protect your home. Make sure that you have enough lighting both inside and outside your home to discourage any unwanted activity.

Consider installing motion lights so that when someone walks by, you’ll be alerted. You should also consider leaving lights on or putting your lights on a timer if you are going to be away, so that people will always be under the impression that someone is home.

Be Mindful of What You Post or Share

With the holidays approaching, you’re probably tempted to make a social media post about the quality time you’ll spend with loved ones or to tell everyone in the neighborhood about your upcoming beach getaway to escape the cold. However, our team of experts recommends against this, as word travels quickly and if people catch wind that you have an empty house, they’ll be more likely to target you for burglaries and other home intrusions.

We recommend waiting until you’re back home safe to share your travels with others or consider changing your settings to limit who has access to your posts. We also recommend never sharing personal information about your child on social media, such as their full name or which school they attend, as this can give predators access to valuable information they may be looking for.

Watch Out for Halloween Hijinks

With Halloween comes candy, costumes, decorations, and themed parties each year. Unfortunately, it also often comes with pranks — some of which cross the line from a bit of fun to actually being quite damaging.

Installing a residential security system in and around your home can help protect against these dangers. Not only can cameras help catch those carrying out the pranks, but they also act as a deterrent. If someone knows they’re being filmed, they’re far less likely to follow through.

Take Fire Prevention and Precaution Methods

There’s nothing like cranking up the heat and curling up on the couch to watch your favorite show on a chilly fall day. However, keep in mind that your heater brings its own set of security issues for your home.

Be sure that all parts of your heater have been thoroughly cleaned and inspected before you turn it on for the first time. Ensure that anything flammable (clothing, furniture, bedding, etc.) is moved away from the heater.

Keep fire extinguishers on hand in case a small fire does break out in your home. You should also determine a meeting place outside of your home and map out escape routes so that everyone in the house knows what to do in case of an emergency.

Keep an Eye on New Exterior Security Threats

Depending on your location, you’ll see leaves begin to fall and trees become bare in the midst of fall. While many may not realize it, the fullness of the leaves actually help provide a bit of privacy for your home. When trees are bare, onlookers can get a better view of the inside of your home.

In addition, precariously placed branches can also provide easy access into your home for intruders. When fall arrives, do a quick sweep of your Redlands property and trim any branches that may help burglars access windows or doors into your home.

Keep Your Doors and Windows Locked

Most home invaders enter through doors and windows. If you’re someone who loves to let some fall breeze in, be sure to close and lock all windows and doors before going to bed each night. You should ensure that each of your family members understands the importance of this, so your whole household can make this a habit.

Don’t forget about any windows or side doors in your garage as well. These are usually easy targets, as they are often forgotten about.

More than just keeping your windows and doors locked, you should also ensure that you have the right locks. Our team of experts here at Redlands Lock and Key can help determine which locks would offer the ultimate protection for your home and help you install them. We can even help you rekey your locks if you feel it’s necessary!

To learn more about our locksmith services or to schedule an appointment with our team, make us your choice for a locksmith in Redlands and reach out to us today!