For most people, securing your home means installing locks on all of your doors and protecting the windows inside. What many people often don’t consider, though, is garage security. Because it’s often overlooked in terms of security, your garage becomes the ideal place for intruders to target. Not only can intruders get in through the garage door itself — often using garage door openers they find in unlocked cars — but also through any windows or side doors that may provide access into the garage, and ultimately, into your home. 

This week’s Redlands Lock and Key blog post discusses areas where your garage might be vulnerable to break-ins, as well as what you can do to ensure proper security. Our locksmith in Redlands provides a range of premier locksmith services, including residential, commercial, automotive, and more. Read on to learn more about how to keep your garage door secure and contact Redlands Lock and Key today! 

Potential Problem Areas

In order to better understand which parts of your garage may be at risk, let’s talk about some of the areas that might cause potential problems. If you notice any of these issues in your own garage, reach out to Redlands Lock and Key. We offer residential locksmith services and can help you find a solution. 

Age of Garage Door 

If your garage still looks as though it’s in decent condition, you may not have considered that this could cause issues for your security. Oftentimes, older garage doors become warped over time and the seal and the bottom of the door becomes looser, providing easier access for intruders. 

A quick inspection from a locksmith in Redlands can help you determine whether or not your garage door is old enough to cause concerns. 

Forgetting to Close the Door

This one probably seems quite obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many people regularly forget to close their garage doors when they leave, or before they go to bed at night. Talk about easy access! An open garage door is practically an invitation for burglars and thieves to enter. 

Even if you’re close by and plan on returning soon, you should still make an effort to close your garage door every time. You wouldn’t leave your front door wide open, so why not close the garage door? 

Certain security systems are available to help you monitor your home’s security, including whether or not you closed the garage door. Contact Redlands Lock and Key to learn more about how these systems can help you! 

Garage Lighting 

One of the most common things that burglars look for is poorly lit areas, whether it be in your home or garage. Is your garage door or side door in a dimly lit area? If so, you may be at an increased risk for a break-in, as poorly lit areas are the perfect place for intruders to pry the door open without anyone seeing. 

Ensure that the lighting surrounding your garage, including your side door, is well-lit. You can even install motion lights that only come on when someone sets them off. A thief will be much less likely to break into your garage door if they know they’re at-risk for being seen. 

Garage Door Security Tips 

Now that we’ve gone over some potential security weaknesses, let’s talk about what you can do to ensure your garage is as secure as possible. There are many things you can do to help secure your garage, but these are some of the most important. 

Give the Impression That Someone Is Home

One of the easiest ways you can help protect your garage is to always give the impression that someone is home — intruders will be much less likely to enter a home if it’s occupied. This could be something as simple as leaving the lights on inside or having the TV or radio playing. 

Block Out the Windows

Nothing’s more motivating to an intruder than being able to look inside your garage and get a good look at all your valuables. Whether it be cars, tools, bikes, skis, or other expensive equipment, thieves are always on the lookout for what they can get their hands on next. 

By blocking out your windows, you’re taking away the opportunity for thieves to get a glance inside. You can choose to either frost or black out your windows to keep them permanently covered. However, a simple temporary solution is to cover your windows with towels or blankets that prevent people from seeing inside. 

Install a Deadbolt Lock on the Side Door

Many garages have side doors which provide access straight into the garage, as well as an easy path straight into your home. If you have a side door in your garage, be sure to install a deadbolt. Redlands Lock and Key can install high-quality deadbolt locks and strike plates to ensure your side door is always protected. 

In addition to putting a deadbolt on your side door, you should always ensure that the door leading from your home into your garage is secured with a deadbolt. If someone did happen to make it into your garage, you still want to ensure your actual home is protected. 

Redlands Lock and Key can help you with any of your residential locksmith needs for your home in Redlands. If you’re worried about the security of your garage or other parts of your home, make us your locksmith in Redlands and contact us today!