Having a properly functioning door lock is vital for your safety and security. Whether you’re protecting yourself, your family, or your valuables, it’s important that your door locks are doing what they’re supposed to at all times. If you want to avoid a potential lockout or security issues in your home, it’s important you understand the most common door lock problems so you know what to look out for.

Redlands Lock and Key provides locksmith services in Redlands for home, businesses, and automobiles. If you are having door lock problems, our team of professionals can help figure out what the problem is and provide prompt repairs so you can get back to normal life. Read this week’s Redlands Lock and Key blog for the most common door lock problems and choose us as your locksmith in Redlands!

Slow Door Locks

Stiff or slow door locks can be an annoyance, as you may have difficulty inserting your key into the lock. This problem may be a result of dirt and grime built up inside your lock.

If you notice that you’re having trouble inserting your key into the lock, reach out to our team at Redlands Lock and Key! We can help you diagnose the issue and provide appropriate solutions. We will help you get your locks back into tip-top shape in no time!

Door Won’t Latch

One of the most alarming issues with door locks is when doors won’t latch properly. This not only poses a security threat, but it can also be expensive, as air can seep through this open door, costing you money for extra heating and cooling.

This can happen if the latch bolt on the door isn’t properly aligned with the strike plate on your door jamb. With more than 60 years of locksmith experience, Redlands Lock and Key can help you fix your door lock and get your back to feeling safe and secure in no time!

Lock Seizures

If you’re able to insert the key into the lock, but the key won’t turn, this is known as a lock seizure. There are a number of reasons your lock may be seizing up. While this can be a frustrating issue, you should never try to force the key to turn, as this can cause even more damage, potentially leading to the need for a full lock replacement.

If the lock on your door is seizing up, contact Redlands Lock and Key. Our team of professionals will arrive quickly to provide friendly, high-quality locksmith services. Make us your locksmith in Redlands today!

Key Broke In Door

One of the most frustrating lock problems is when your key breaks off inside the lock. Of course, this tends to happen most often when you are running late and have somewhere important to be. Keys can break off if you are in a rush and you try to insert and turn it too quickly. That’s why Redlands Lock and Key recommends slowing down, taking your time, and inserting the key carefully, instead of quickly trying to force it.

If your key does happen to break inside the door, Redlands Lock and Key can help! We even offer emergency services, so no matter what time of day or night your key gets stuck, one of our experienced team members will be there to help you fix your lock quickly.

There are many problems that can occur with your door locks, and those listed above are only a few. At Redlands Lock and Key, we value your safety and make it our top priority. We understand the importance of properly functioning locks, which is why our team of friendly professionals will provide you with quality, timely, and friendly locksmith services. Choose Redlands Lock and Key as your locksmith in Redlands today!